Saturday, June 27, 2009

PrincessDoodleBeans on Facebook...Give-away!

Hello wonderful readers and fans of the PrincessDoodleBeans Boutique. Whew! It's been one of those whirlwind weeks....custom orders, promotions, give-aways, and a few trips to the beach. Utter craziness. And I LOVE every second. Just a F.Y.I. you can now become a fan of the boutique on Facebook. Which is a huge bonus on two levels. 1. get up to the minute updates on what's going on, new pictures of products, new listing details, leave messages for me, etc. and 2. FREE TUTU GIVE-AWAYS! *dances around room wildly...again* My first Facebook giveaway is this coming Friday...July 3rd at 10am. I'm giving away a custom ballet style Ultra Poof Tutu! The winner will be chosen from among the list of fans who have RSVP'd "attending" to the event. (sorry, only those marked attending will be eligible, maybe attending will not be included. All or nothing, baby!) The winner will be chosen via from the list and will be notified on facebook. The winner will then get to choose colors, size, embellishments...and shipping, ALL for FREE! WOOHOO! *dances wildly around the room...yet again* It's time to give back a little FABulousness to all you loyal fans. So let's get you on that list! here's the link:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Club Wedding-Luv Give Away

What is Club Wedding-Luv?
A Brand New Club Where Brides and Grooms can Win FREE GIVE-AWAYS from some of the best wedding vendors on the web!

The Vision:

To Have Thousands of members - 100's of give-aways going on at any one time. All vendors will do their own giveaways via their WL blog. Give-away info will be posted by vendors and the left until it is claimed (just like selling a product - only it's a free give-away)Selected vendors will be featured on the homepage First 100 Vendors will have their give-away featured on the homepage free!! Come join us in making this vision a reality!!
Where can you join?

What PrincessDoodleBeans is giving away:

Your own Custom Detachable Silk Flower Headband. Choose the color/style of headband from the picture and also the color/style of Silk Flower that will adorn it. The flower is attached to a grosgrain ribbon lined alligator you can wear it on the headband or in your hair! These super stretchy fashionable headbands are perfect for flower girls.
How to win?:

Be the first to become a fan of the PrincessDoodleBeans Boutique on Facebook then leave a comment on my blog about the boutique/product. First one to comment WINS!!

So Ready...Set...*Be Tutu Fabulous*

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's All About the TUTU <3

For all that are interested...(which I'm assuming is ALL OF YOU!)
My wedding tutu is being featured in a Fabulous online article along with a couple other Etsy shops with adult tutus. They truly aren't just for girls and ballerinas anymore. Check out these wonderful picks at the following address:

Wendy does such a superb job of highlighting the best in handmade :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Just a shout out to all you faithful followers and fellow frilly stuffs lovers. (gol, try to say that 10 times fast.)

My sweet Boutique is participating in Etsy's YART SALE tomorrow 6/10 through 6/14 only! What is the Yart Sale you ask? Think: Yard Sale + Handmade Art= Yart

I am participating by discounting or upgrading 8 items in my store for this Special Event! It's also my Birthday this is kinda like giving you a present for my special day. (my present is aging another year. yay. *sarcasm intended*)

So go ahead and check out the deliciously FABulous items on sale....

Monday, June 8, 2009

*GiRlS jUsT wAnNa HaVe FuN*

Half the fun of creating all these frilly poofy tutus is taking pictures of them upon completion. A sense of accomplishment and joy races through me when I see actual human beings wearing something I worked so hard on. This was most definitely the case with the Women's Classic Ultra Poof tutu. I had a specific model in mind while creating it, so she was able to request the colors that were used. She absolutely exudes JOY and FUN. It seemingly emanates from her pores. I knew that I couldn't do a simple moody photo shoot with her, Oh NO! It had to be funky, quirky, fun loving, and childlike. So we went to the Northport Marina Park.

Sure the weather wasn't as warm as we would have liked it, but she kept in character the entire time and gave me more expression than I could have dreamed. Silly, happy, sweet, disappointed, mixed with far away glances and longing dreaminess. Can you tell she's an actress?

Thank you Tantzi for an opportunity to capture your vibrancy in these photos.
**p.s. oh, yes....this tutu is now a custom listing in my Etsy store. Get yours today!**

Friday, June 5, 2009

*.fRiDaY FuN dAy.*

Can I get a "Woot Woot!?!"

PrincessDoodleBeans has made it into the Leelanau Blog as the featured photo/biz. of the day for 6/5.

I'm so excited I could pee.....but I won't. (you're welcome)

Check it out!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Black * Cherry

So, really quick before the girls find their way out of their beds and into the living room again.

I've added a couple really sweet items to the PrincessDoodleBeans line on Etsy. I love how these products keep emerging...the creativity flows at the oddest times and hours, but I've never been one to complain. Take the newest custom onesie/T-shirt design for example. I love all those really cute and sweet cupcake appliques I see. Nice and simple...with the little red cherry on top. *squeals with delight* But I've never been one for syrup-y sweetness. Instead, I prefer a little edge, some punk in the pie.
The Black Cherry custom onesie was my answer to the call. Still sweet but will some rockin' sass on top. A black button is sewn on top of this sparkly pink frosted cupcake, with black embroidery thread lining the "Icing".

What makes this little number even more supreme is that it coordinates PERFECTLY with the Children's Trashy Tutu in my store!!

OOOh, I love it when things work out this effortlessly.
So take a peek at the Boutique......and *Be Tutu Fabulous*