Monday, June 1, 2009

Black * Cherry

So, really quick before the girls find their way out of their beds and into the living room again.

I've added a couple really sweet items to the PrincessDoodleBeans line on Etsy. I love how these products keep emerging...the creativity flows at the oddest times and hours, but I've never been one to complain. Take the newest custom onesie/T-shirt design for example. I love all those really cute and sweet cupcake appliques I see. Nice and simple...with the little red cherry on top. *squeals with delight* But I've never been one for syrup-y sweetness. Instead, I prefer a little edge, some punk in the pie.
The Black Cherry custom onesie was my answer to the call. Still sweet but will some rockin' sass on top. A black button is sewn on top of this sparkly pink frosted cupcake, with black embroidery thread lining the "Icing".

What makes this little number even more supreme is that it coordinates PERFECTLY with the Children's Trashy Tutu in my store!!

OOOh, I love it when things work out this effortlessly.
So take a peek at the Boutique......and *Be Tutu Fabulous*

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