Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Etsy Front Page Magic*.*.*.


One of my items finally made it to Etsy's esteemed "Front Page". My Classic Formal Affair Tutu skirt was featured in a Treasury by Doyoufeelthescent titled Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne", and made it's wonderful way all the way to the top spot on Etsy. (To say that I'm "beyond stoked" would be the understatement of the year!!)

Thank you to all who gave their love to my sweet boutique. Here's to many more features and front pages.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

*Punk-alicious Feature*

Sweetness! My punk tutus are being featured in the Handcrafted Creations Blog! Show some love to this blog and the tutus!! Let's hear it again for HANDMADE!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update of the Month....

It's been a whole entire month since I last ranted on here. Ok, a month and a day.
Time for some updates. I'll try to make this quick and painless.

Nicole Lynn was the winner of the custom Ultra Poof tutu on my Facebook give-away! She chose the colors Apple Green and Purple for her 4 year old daughters FREE tutu! Adorable.

I've been up to the tippy top of my head in custom orders lately! Not that I'm complaining...cause I'm NOT. I love that my quirky sweet FABulous boutique is taking off running. I'm running right behind it (in a trashy tutu, I might add.) I've completed a Ballet Style wedding tutu, a Classic Style wedding tutu, and created my first Reversible Ballet Style tutu for a customer in California. (now listed on Etsy) Then came a special birthday order for an awesome mom (Trashy Tutu) and her 4 year old daughter (Flower Power tutu set).

I'm currently working on three sweet streamer wands for a couple of flower girls and will begin creating a Red mid-length classic tutu for a local teen to model in a photo shoot next week! I'm thinking a modern re-take on Little Red Riding hood will be a perfect theme for this creative and poetic little lady.

Before I go back into the studio for more late night inspiration on this most festive Tutu Tuesday, I'll leave you with a little teaser of upcoming items that will be added to the Boutique in the near future...............................................................................................................................................................

are you still waiting?

How 'bout now??

Coming soon.... Custom bridal fascinators, veils, and hair clips. OOOOOH!!! I know. You just have to go out and scream it from a mountain-top now.

So long my sweets,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

PrincessDoodleBeans on Facebook...Give-away!

Hello wonderful readers and fans of the PrincessDoodleBeans Boutique. Whew! It's been one of those whirlwind weeks....custom orders, promotions, give-aways, and a few trips to the beach. Utter craziness. And I LOVE every second. Just a F.Y.I. you can now become a fan of the boutique on Facebook. Which is a huge bonus on two levels. 1. get up to the minute updates on what's going on, new pictures of products, new listing details, leave messages for me, etc. and 2. FREE TUTU GIVE-AWAYS! *dances around room wildly...again* My first Facebook giveaway is this coming Friday...July 3rd at 10am. I'm giving away a custom ballet style Ultra Poof Tutu! The winner will be chosen from among the list of fans who have RSVP'd "attending" to the event. (sorry, only those marked attending will be eligible, maybe attending will not be included. All or nothing, baby!) The winner will be chosen via from the list and will be notified on facebook. The winner will then get to choose colors, size, embellishments...and shipping, ALL for FREE! WOOHOO! *dances wildly around the room...yet again* It's time to give back a little FABulousness to all you loyal fans. So let's get you on that list! here's the link:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Club Wedding-Luv Give Away

What is Club Wedding-Luv?
A Brand New Club Where Brides and Grooms can Win FREE GIVE-AWAYS from some of the best wedding vendors on the web!

The Vision:

To Have Thousands of members - 100's of give-aways going on at any one time. All vendors will do their own giveaways via their WL blog. Give-away info will be posted by vendors and the left until it is claimed (just like selling a product - only it's a free give-away)Selected vendors will be featured on the homepage First 100 Vendors will have their give-away featured on the homepage free!! Come join us in making this vision a reality!!
Where can you join?

What PrincessDoodleBeans is giving away:

Your own Custom Detachable Silk Flower Headband. Choose the color/style of headband from the picture and also the color/style of Silk Flower that will adorn it. The flower is attached to a grosgrain ribbon lined alligator you can wear it on the headband or in your hair! These super stretchy fashionable headbands are perfect for flower girls.
How to win?:

Be the first to become a fan of the PrincessDoodleBeans Boutique on Facebook then leave a comment on my blog about the boutique/product. First one to comment WINS!!

So Ready...Set...*Be Tutu Fabulous*

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's All About the TUTU <3

For all that are interested...(which I'm assuming is ALL OF YOU!)
My wedding tutu is being featured in a Fabulous online article along with a couple other Etsy shops with adult tutus. They truly aren't just for girls and ballerinas anymore. Check out these wonderful picks at the following address:

Wendy does such a superb job of highlighting the best in handmade :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Just a shout out to all you faithful followers and fellow frilly stuffs lovers. (gol, try to say that 10 times fast.)

My sweet Boutique is participating in Etsy's YART SALE tomorrow 6/10 through 6/14 only! What is the Yart Sale you ask? Think: Yard Sale + Handmade Art= Yart

I am participating by discounting or upgrading 8 items in my store for this Special Event! It's also my Birthday this is kinda like giving you a present for my special day. (my present is aging another year. yay. *sarcasm intended*)

So go ahead and check out the deliciously FABulous items on sale....

Monday, June 8, 2009

*GiRlS jUsT wAnNa HaVe FuN*

Half the fun of creating all these frilly poofy tutus is taking pictures of them upon completion. A sense of accomplishment and joy races through me when I see actual human beings wearing something I worked so hard on. This was most definitely the case with the Women's Classic Ultra Poof tutu. I had a specific model in mind while creating it, so she was able to request the colors that were used. She absolutely exudes JOY and FUN. It seemingly emanates from her pores. I knew that I couldn't do a simple moody photo shoot with her, Oh NO! It had to be funky, quirky, fun loving, and childlike. So we went to the Northport Marina Park.

Sure the weather wasn't as warm as we would have liked it, but she kept in character the entire time and gave me more expression than I could have dreamed. Silly, happy, sweet, disappointed, mixed with far away glances and longing dreaminess. Can you tell she's an actress?

Thank you Tantzi for an opportunity to capture your vibrancy in these photos.
**p.s. oh, yes....this tutu is now a custom listing in my Etsy store. Get yours today!**

Friday, June 5, 2009

*.fRiDaY FuN dAy.*

Can I get a "Woot Woot!?!"

PrincessDoodleBeans has made it into the Leelanau Blog as the featured photo/biz. of the day for 6/5.

I'm so excited I could pee.....but I won't. (you're welcome)

Check it out!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Black * Cherry

So, really quick before the girls find their way out of their beds and into the living room again.

I've added a couple really sweet items to the PrincessDoodleBeans line on Etsy. I love how these products keep emerging...the creativity flows at the oddest times and hours, but I've never been one to complain. Take the newest custom onesie/T-shirt design for example. I love all those really cute and sweet cupcake appliques I see. Nice and simple...with the little red cherry on top. *squeals with delight* But I've never been one for syrup-y sweetness. Instead, I prefer a little edge, some punk in the pie.
The Black Cherry custom onesie was my answer to the call. Still sweet but will some rockin' sass on top. A black button is sewn on top of this sparkly pink frosted cupcake, with black embroidery thread lining the "Icing".

What makes this little number even more supreme is that it coordinates PERFECTLY with the Children's Trashy Tutu in my store!!

OOOh, I love it when things work out this effortlessly.
So take a peek at the Boutique......and *Be Tutu Fabulous*

Monday, May 25, 2009

Make up your Mind!

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but little girls tend to be a tad contradictory. One day their favorite color is Pink, the next day, Purple. I tend to notice these eccentricities more than most because I have three of them in close proximity to myself ALL DAY LONG!
As creator of some fabulously frilly tutus, I thought maybe I would make one that would stand the test of time (at least for a couple days) by making it versatile. Thus the Reversible Tutu was formed.
Actually, what got me into the studio to create it was a message from a bride-to-be inquiring about color choices for her two little flower girls. She wanted something in Purple and Silver that didn't get washed out...a tutu where the Purple would pop, but still have a hint of silver.
Problem solved with the Reversible Tutu.

We both loved how the colors blended. How she could choose which side would be displayed and later on the girls could flutter around the countryside in which ever color they were most fond of.
Crisis averted. Customer happy. Designer Thrilled!
(and all this before breakfast)

The above pics. are of the two that I created for the wedding. I'm sure we'll have many more to come!

So whether her colors are pink and purple, blue and yellow, black and white, mint and maize. This tutu is sure to last a very long time (or until her colors change....again)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Fairy Fluff"

I've been accused of loving tulle too much. Crazy talk, I know, but this time they may actually be on to something. I've been on a quest to find even more creative goodies made out of tulle for the Boutique. Accessories for the little fairy princesses out there. Tutu's are superb! Don't get me wrong, but sometimes you need a little something to complete to look. Something that screams

So please put your hands together for the latest goody to grace the boutique's Etsy page....The "Fairy Fluff" princess wand! (pauses for standing ovation.......)
My girls absolutely adore these! Okay, are obsessed with them. (Must be genetic.) They carry them around everywhere they go so they never miss an opportunity to "Bippity Bop" someone on the head. But hey, that's okay.....really. You see, these wands are so super soft. They can bop and you'll never see a tear. (well, maybe just of joy!) A mother's dream wand, I suppose.
The wand is totally customizable. Choose up to 3 colors of tulle from the 30 I have in stock. You also get to pick what color(s) satin ribbon you'd like for the handle and the streamers. WAHOO!
Let's face Fairy Princess is complete without her wand.

*****Well, back to Far Far Away I go....Have sweet Fairytale dreams****

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

*Ingeniously Creative*

A while ago, while perusing Etsy listings for inspiration and items to be included in my "Sanctuary" treasury, I happened upon art in bracelet form. Not your "run of the mill" type of jewelry. A mix of life, material, hope, nature, ingenuity and perhaps a few tears. The kind of accessory that causes you to dream again. It's no wonder, then, that after speaking with the designer, I learned she is in fact an artist.
Carol started her career in Milan, but after a few years discovered that she wasn't cut out for the fashion world. She instead threw herself into creating mixed-media artwork instead. From steampunk inspired Gothic treasures in ring and necklace form. ("Not for the faint of heart." is the warning.) To pieces that include just about every pretty thing you can imagine. Freshwater pearl, turquoise, silk ribbon, vintage Lucite, brass and Irish lace to name a few. I was especially taken aback by the whimsical art beads from the "Lets Face It" series. Perhaps Carol has captured in these beads the face of art itself.
Her inspiration?
I'd guess the coast of the Irish Sea where she resides has some influence.

SO, "Where can I find these treasures?" you ask. "In galleries? Where the finest of artisans is featured?" YES! But be not disappointed. You can also find them in the Ingeniouslycreative Etsy "gallery". Here is the link:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Collection....And Sweet Deals!

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the NEW Spring Collection at the PrincessDoodleBeans Boutique.

You, meet the Spring Collection....Collection, meet You.
*shake hands*

There. Now that you've been introduced properly, I'll give you some information on these sweet custom tutus.

First out of the box is the Custom Rainbow Sherbet long length tutu. Double layered and ready for a party. Super sweet! I chose to include the colors Peach, Mint, and Light pink to create that sherbet look. The waistband is wrapped in soft pink satin ribbon and finished with a petite daisy with coordinating button centerpiece. YUMMY!

Next is the Custom Passion Punch Sherbet tutu. Available in the 3 shorter lengths. Popping with the juicy colors of Fuchsia and Orange and double layered to create extra frills and thrills for your little girl. The waistband is wrapped in soft Fuchsia ribbon and tied into a bow with Orange ribbon. The centerpiece is an Orange silk Chrysanthemum flower.

Back by popular demand is the Custom Punky Flower Tutu. Two dramatic lengths add personality to this custom item. Color choices are up to you!! Get yourself a little FLOWER POWER!

Specials for the month of MAY:

**This month only**

Purchase a custom Ballet or Classic style tutu and receive a FREE Upgrade to an Ultra Poof tutu!! Your item will have double the tulle at no extra cost. That's a savings of between $5-$7.

Check out my Etsy listings for more information/which items are included in the sale.

Have a Merry May

K. Frank

Monday, April 27, 2009

Here Comes the.....Wedding Tutu!

Rain...Rain......rain rain rain rain....r a i n .........
We've seen our share of the water droplets the past week. Not that I'm complaining...cause I'm not! We need the rain like we need to breathe...but it makes it hard to take tutu pics when it's constantly drippy. Maybe I should do a mermaid/fish tutu. *thinking out loud*
So, I've had many teenagers calling me lately. Not to babysit for my 3 girls, but to model tutus. I've been having to practically beg my daughters to put a tutu on so I can get some photos. ("would you like a cookie?" or "You can stay up an extra hour if you act like a ballerina") They're probably sick of tutus....
But call after call, message after message is from a young aspiring model. Love it!
I "kidnapped" one young lady last week for modeling purposes. An awesome red-headed beauty from our youth group. (also one of our babysitters, ha!)
I had her in the Custom wedding/prom tutu. (now on Etsy...btw) I used our backyard as the backdrop for the pictures, and as always, neither the model or the scenery disappointed.
400 yards of black tulle were used on the wedding tutu shown. This one was 28 inches long...and that's the shortest length for this style of tutu. You can imagine how much tulle would be used in the long length of 36".
In the works is a Spring/Summer collection of children's tutus, with the theme for Spring being:
The colors and styles will reflect this deliciousness! yummy.

Until then,
*Be Tutu Fabulous*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

* FlowerGirl *

It's raining.....

And I've never been so happy to see the drops fall.

Usually I'm melancholic when it's raining, but waiting for 6 months to see them in their liquid (NOT FROZEN!) state is stirring a hope within me. I'm also feeling a huge sense of accomplishment after completing a custom order for a massive black and fuchsia tutu dress for a sweet little flower girl. This is my first "real" BIG and important custom order. Weddings are a big deal...especially when your in charge of throwing the flower petals down the walkway for the bride to glide on. Glad to be a part of the hoopla, even if it's from afar. This little girl is going to look amazing at her task, though. I decided early in the process to double the amount of tulle used. I wanted this thing to be a virtual wall of tulle, and it is. Over 150 yards were used. The client chose to have just the single medium white rose for the centerpiece. There were a few different options, but she didn't want her 2 year old to be taking the focus off her sister...this is the bride's day to shine.

I can hear the bamboo wind chimes outside....
What a good choice those were....
I'll let you get back to your day...
I'm going to stare out the window again....

Friday, April 17, 2009


My husband...whom I love dearly, and am constantly entertained by has started a new "group", if you will, on Facebook. Backing actually started at work months ago. (beginning of winter.) He decided that to make going to a Harley Davidson dealership more enjoyable (really? how can a motorcycle emporium get MORE enjoyable??) the employees should abstain from wearing pants on Fridays. I think this was more for the employees than the customers, but I digress. It started out just being him wearing anything but pants on Friday. Shorts, Bermuda's, Capri's, Skirts, Dresses, Tutu's, (ha!) Kilts, Gauchos, etc....and on and on and on. Just NO PANTS! It started to catch on slowly. Another employee took up the cause and remained pants less on Fridays as well. And then another....and another. you know how it is. A Facebook group was formed. And like a mad hysteria the No Pants craze took off. We are now 200 members strong...including children. (mine look forward to No Pants Friday Fun Day all week!)

I'm sure this is good for the tutu biz as well....I mean Tutu's are NO PANTS!

So have a very happy and pants free Friday!

K. Frank

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pump up the Bass

It's not snowing today!!

I know, it's April 8th and it shouldn't be snowing anyway, but someone forgot to mention this atmospheric truth to God...and it's been snowing all week. BUT NOT (I repeat, NOT) TODAY! It's amazing, I can actually see this bright orb in the hurts a little to look right at it. If memory serves my right, I believe that orb is called the Sun. It brings heat and light to this little ball of dirt called Earth. Hmmmm.

So, besides being amazed at the lack of snow outside, I've been busy on Etsy with a huge boost in sales!! *Yippeee* Maybe my little boutique is finally going somewhere and we can start to get rid of all the tutu samples in the bedroom. (my husband says it makes his man-cave look frilly, bah!

In the midst of the chaos and lack of sun this week, I did manage to be halfway was just a little custom onesie for my friends new baby boy. (who is absolutely adorable...btw) Usually I'm kinda out of ideas when it comes to baby showers for boys. I make tutu's. Most Dad's frown openly at the thought of the new "man" in the family owning a tutu. Most mom's do too.
This gift, however, was just too perfect for this see all the boys (including Dad) are musicians!! And not Mozart or Chopin-like musicians. I'm talking, face melting, guitar lickin' crank up the volume, shred master musicians.
So I created the "Pump up the Bass" custom onesie for the little prodigy. (ha!
Ok, and you know, I just can't make something and not share I listed it on my Etsy store too.


I'm off to soak up some Vitamin D

K. Frank

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's Go Nuclear

Maybe I'm just having too much fun with the whole Trashy Tutu bit. I completed another Custom order this week for a black and acid green tutu I like to call the "Nuclear Waste" Trashy Tutu. Had an opportunity to not only hand deliver it, but also shoot a few pictures of the recipient in it. We used our church as the scene of the crime...ha! I have so many favorites, but these are the top 3....for now.
Added this number to my etsy site as well. Can't wait to expand the line of Trashy Tutu's. Remember $5 of the sale price of any Trashy Tutu goes to help support the Safe Passage organization. So you're getting an awesome tutu and helping families as well! YAY!
(Makes ya feel all warm and squishy all over, doesn't it?)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stella and the "Very Veggie" Tutu Set

It's been a busy week here at the boutique. I completed a super poofy custom tutu for a 12 year old, a custom dog tutu for "Stella", and a springy tutu set for etsy. I decided to call the set the "Very Veggie" tutu set after tossing some names around all afternoon. I loved the sweet chocolate brown carrot onesie so much I just had to create a coordinating tutu to go with. The set is in the 6-9 month size, but the tutu should fit up through 2 years. I'll be listing this one on my Etsy site in the near future.
The sweet Stella came over with her owner this afternoon to collect her tutu and show off her dancing skills. My girls and I had a blast watching her tippy-toe all over our living room floor. My 2 year old couldn't stop laughing. She thought it was so funny seeing a doggy tap dance. Stella has some serious twirling skills too. It's amazing what a dog will do for a few treats. This was the second doggy tutu I've made...why should the humans have all the fun, right?
Next on my to do list is an assortment of Trashy Tutu's. No rest for the wicked.......