Tuesday, May 12, 2009

*Ingeniously Creative*

A while ago, while perusing Etsy listings for inspiration and items to be included in my "Sanctuary" treasury, I happened upon art in bracelet form. Not your "run of the mill" type of jewelry. A mix of life, material, hope, nature, ingenuity and perhaps a few tears. The kind of accessory that causes you to dream again. It's no wonder, then, that after speaking with the designer, I learned she is in fact an artist.
Carol started her career in Milan, but after a few years discovered that she wasn't cut out for the fashion world. She instead threw herself into creating mixed-media artwork instead. From steampunk inspired Gothic treasures in ring and necklace form. ("Not for the faint of heart." is the warning.) To pieces that include just about every pretty thing you can imagine. Freshwater pearl, turquoise, silk ribbon, vintage Lucite, brass and Irish lace to name a few. I was especially taken aback by the whimsical art beads from the "Lets Face It" series. Perhaps Carol has captured in these beads the face of art itself.
Her inspiration?
I'd guess the coast of the Irish Sea where she resides has some influence.

SO, "Where can I find these treasures?" you ask. "In galleries? Where the finest of artisans is featured?" YES! But be not disappointed. You can also find them in the Ingeniouslycreative Etsy "gallery". Here is the link:

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