Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Collection....And Sweet Deals!

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the NEW Spring Collection at the PrincessDoodleBeans Boutique.

You, meet the Spring Collection....Collection, meet You.
*shake hands*

There. Now that you've been introduced properly, I'll give you some information on these sweet custom tutus.

First out of the box is the Custom Rainbow Sherbet long length tutu. Double layered and ready for a party. Super sweet! I chose to include the colors Peach, Mint, and Light pink to create that sherbet look. The waistband is wrapped in soft pink satin ribbon and finished with a petite daisy with coordinating button centerpiece. YUMMY!

Next is the Custom Passion Punch Sherbet tutu. Available in the 3 shorter lengths. Popping with the juicy colors of Fuchsia and Orange and double layered to create extra frills and thrills for your little girl. The waistband is wrapped in soft Fuchsia ribbon and tied into a bow with Orange ribbon. The centerpiece is an Orange silk Chrysanthemum flower.

Back by popular demand is the Custom Punky Flower Tutu. Two dramatic lengths add personality to this custom item. Color choices are up to you!! Get yourself a little FLOWER POWER!

Specials for the month of MAY:

**This month only**

Purchase a custom Ballet or Classic style tutu and receive a FREE Upgrade to an Ultra Poof tutu!! Your item will have double the tulle at no extra cost. That's a savings of between $5-$7.

Check out my Etsy listings for more information/which items are included in the sale.

Have a Merry May

K. Frank

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