Monday, May 25, 2009

Make up your Mind!

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but little girls tend to be a tad contradictory. One day their favorite color is Pink, the next day, Purple. I tend to notice these eccentricities more than most because I have three of them in close proximity to myself ALL DAY LONG!
As creator of some fabulously frilly tutus, I thought maybe I would make one that would stand the test of time (at least for a couple days) by making it versatile. Thus the Reversible Tutu was formed.
Actually, what got me into the studio to create it was a message from a bride-to-be inquiring about color choices for her two little flower girls. She wanted something in Purple and Silver that didn't get washed out...a tutu where the Purple would pop, but still have a hint of silver.
Problem solved with the Reversible Tutu.

We both loved how the colors blended. How she could choose which side would be displayed and later on the girls could flutter around the countryside in which ever color they were most fond of.
Crisis averted. Customer happy. Designer Thrilled!
(and all this before breakfast)

The above pics. are of the two that I created for the wedding. I'm sure we'll have many more to come!

So whether her colors are pink and purple, blue and yellow, black and white, mint and maize. This tutu is sure to last a very long time (or until her colors change....again)

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