Monday, April 27, 2009

Here Comes the.....Wedding Tutu!

Rain...Rain......rain rain rain rain....r a i n .........
We've seen our share of the water droplets the past week. Not that I'm complaining...cause I'm not! We need the rain like we need to breathe...but it makes it hard to take tutu pics when it's constantly drippy. Maybe I should do a mermaid/fish tutu. *thinking out loud*
So, I've had many teenagers calling me lately. Not to babysit for my 3 girls, but to model tutus. I've been having to practically beg my daughters to put a tutu on so I can get some photos. ("would you like a cookie?" or "You can stay up an extra hour if you act like a ballerina") They're probably sick of tutus....
But call after call, message after message is from a young aspiring model. Love it!
I "kidnapped" one young lady last week for modeling purposes. An awesome red-headed beauty from our youth group. (also one of our babysitters, ha!)
I had her in the Custom wedding/prom tutu. (now on Etsy...btw) I used our backyard as the backdrop for the pictures, and as always, neither the model or the scenery disappointed.
400 yards of black tulle were used on the wedding tutu shown. This one was 28 inches long...and that's the shortest length for this style of tutu. You can imagine how much tulle would be used in the long length of 36".
In the works is a Spring/Summer collection of children's tutus, with the theme for Spring being:
The colors and styles will reflect this deliciousness! yummy.

Until then,
*Be Tutu Fabulous*

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