Friday, April 17, 2009


My husband...whom I love dearly, and am constantly entertained by has started a new "group", if you will, on Facebook. Backing actually started at work months ago. (beginning of winter.) He decided that to make going to a Harley Davidson dealership more enjoyable (really? how can a motorcycle emporium get MORE enjoyable??) the employees should abstain from wearing pants on Fridays. I think this was more for the employees than the customers, but I digress. It started out just being him wearing anything but pants on Friday. Shorts, Bermuda's, Capri's, Skirts, Dresses, Tutu's, (ha!) Kilts, Gauchos, etc....and on and on and on. Just NO PANTS! It started to catch on slowly. Another employee took up the cause and remained pants less on Fridays as well. And then another....and another. you know how it is. A Facebook group was formed. And like a mad hysteria the No Pants craze took off. We are now 200 members strong...including children. (mine look forward to No Pants Friday Fun Day all week!)

I'm sure this is good for the tutu biz as well....I mean Tutu's are NO PANTS!

So have a very happy and pants free Friday!

K. Frank

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