Friday, March 20, 2009

Stella and the "Very Veggie" Tutu Set

It's been a busy week here at the boutique. I completed a super poofy custom tutu for a 12 year old, a custom dog tutu for "Stella", and a springy tutu set for etsy. I decided to call the set the "Very Veggie" tutu set after tossing some names around all afternoon. I loved the sweet chocolate brown carrot onesie so much I just had to create a coordinating tutu to go with. The set is in the 6-9 month size, but the tutu should fit up through 2 years. I'll be listing this one on my Etsy site in the near future.
The sweet Stella came over with her owner this afternoon to collect her tutu and show off her dancing skills. My girls and I had a blast watching her tippy-toe all over our living room floor. My 2 year old couldn't stop laughing. She thought it was so funny seeing a doggy tap dance. Stella has some serious twirling skills too. It's amazing what a dog will do for a few treats. This was the second doggy tutu I've made...why should the humans have all the fun, right?
Next on my to do list is an assortment of Trashy Tutu's. No rest for the wicked.......

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  1. these are so cool, what a shame that I'm just too old to wear one now. Still as someone who has been known to wear a pair of angel wings to vacuum the house , maybe not.


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