Monday, March 2, 2009

Knotty Girl Tutu

Here's another new-ish idea from the Boutique. The Knotty Girl Custom Tutu!! I use the same width tulle as the Custom Ballet Tutus and knot the ends to create a really funky feel. This is perfect for kids whos personality goes against the grain. The "not your typical little princess" girls. I'm thinking of my middle child, "Beans" as I write this. Her first tutu was a baby blue and royal knotty tutu on blue satin ribbon. I also created one that the little "Doodle" modeled as a tutu halter shirt. ha! These are soon to be added to my etsy site in children's sizes up through a 24" waist. They will be available in these 3 lengths:
Petite: 6"
Poofy: 8"
Prima: 10"

Happy March!
K. Frank

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