Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Northport State of Mind

I'm one of the most blessed people on the planet. I'm convinced that my family and I reside in God's country. Seriously the grass IS in fact greener on this side of the line that divides Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties in Northern Michigan. And to be more specific, the road that leads northward to a point at the tip of Leelanau County to a sweet and very much still here little village called Northport. It is here that I call home. Not just the village, but the people, the community, the businesses and the never give up attitudes of all those around it. With Grand Traverse Bay on one side and Picturesque Lake Michigan on the other, Northport exists as much in the minds of it's year round residents as it does in the thousands of visitors it attracts every summer. One of those commanding presences in the village is the fabulous Pennington Collection. The gift shop that does in fact have something for everyone. A feast for the senses awaits anyone who saunters past the bright pink bench that sits outside welcoming visitors and family alike. It was to this special store I was drawn to sell the first of my 6 tutu sets. The owner, Sarah Eggert, was more than willing to help out a "local mom" in her latest creative venture. She welcomed my tutus (and me) in with open arms. So here we are. We may be small by world standards, may be a little friendlier than your run of the mill business-minded entrepreneur. May have our smiles pasted just a little too big on our warm welcoming faces. But they're there none the less; waiting for you to come check us out. So come...to Northport, Michigan. The little town with a big heart.

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