Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trashy Tutu

I had an interesting Valentines Weekend. Instead of the typical valentine making hoopla with the chocolate hearts and roses and kissy goo-goo nonsense, I invested my time (as well as my husband and my friend, Malanee's) taking pictures of the newest custom tutu to grace northern Michigan. The TRASHY TUTU! It started out being just a tutu for own private guilty pleasure. I make adorable frilly tutu's for all the little princess's in the neighborhood, why can't I have one too?? Only mine isn't quite as frilly....more like the tutu equivalent of a train wreck or a hangover, or a cage fight.
I convinced my husband to venture with me outside with the intention of having him snap a few quick pictures of me in my tutu. I was not dressed, as you can see, for the 25 degrees that awaited us in the backyard of our rural Northport home. What was meant to last a few snaps went on for almost 20 minutes. And I'll admit....cause I have a hard time lying....that I reveled in every second of it. There's something about donning a tutu that makes you feel like pirouetting around like a crazed ballerina.
After reluctantly escaping the cold, I phoned my friend Malanee to tell her of the latest photo session. She agreed that it sounded deliciously inviting and asked if she could "borrow" my tutu for a concert the following day. I, of course, said "yes". But wanted to snap a few pictures of her in the train wreck too. You're beginning to comprehend that "few" is a relative term. And hour later we finished her Trashy Tutu session at the Boat Yard in Northport. The old warehouse and failing shack were such moody backdrops for our shots. We only called it quits because neither of us could feel our limbs anymore. I mean, digits really are important. *You can view the entirety of the photo session on my flickr site.
So through all of this holiday nonsense I decided to add custom Adult Trashy Tutus to the list of tutus available for sale. I'll be updating my etsy site soon to reflect the newest creation. The tutu will be available to customize up through a women's size 10 for around $50.00.
Why should kids get to have all the fun?? Join the TUTU Revolution!!
gotta tuck the girls in....
K. Frank

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