Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not just Tutus

I was just sitting here thinking...which is something i'm inclined to do on occasion. I mean, everyone knows that PrincessDoodleBeans is a Tutu Boutique, it's right there on the title. It's all over etsy and ecrater and flickr. TUTU's!!! And man are they sweet tutu's. But that's not all I create. oh, no. There's more. Above are some pictures of the other items in my shop. Most are accesories for the tutu's, such as the custom headbands. The shirts/onesies can be coordinated to go with the tutu's. And even the adorable little shoes can in some way be mixed the possibilities are endless. But (and here's the really important part) if you don't want a tutu (although, in my opinion things are more fun WITH a tutu.) there are other options! Just send me a note and I'll make you (yes, YOU!) a custom listing. The possibilities are endless.....kinda like pottytraining.

K. Frank

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